Month: June 2017

About a Cat Named Petrie

This is may cat, Petrie.  And that’s catnip, and a watermelon plant (yup, yup).  He wants me to share something with you. He was discovered as a baby on a farm after his mother was ran over by a tractor.  His mother tried to hide him in a hole in the ground.  We adopted him and he’s been a wonderful companion.  All day long, he goes from one adult to the next, absorbing as much love as he can! But then one day he started getting sick.  He would spend entire days feeling miserable and of course it made...

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My Coming Out Story

The thread I’m about to share with you is difficult.  It requires vulnerability on a scale that causes me great pause, but I think I must. I’ve contemplated this for some time, and there is a message I desperately want to share, in the hope it will connect with your heart.  So in a sense, I’m asking you to be vulnerable with me, for a time, as I share this story with you.  I hope to reach you in a visceral way. Clearly, what I’m about to share is very personal.  It cuts to the very center of my...

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About a Cat Named Luca

This is a short story about a cat named Luca.  I named him after @lukasulic, but that’s not so relevant, I guess.  Still, Luca is an awesome name! So this cat appeared at our door just before winter.  And he wouldn’t leave.  We fed him.  I made him a home in the barn.  Stuff like that.  But we knew he couldn’t survive in the winter, so we took him to the local shelter (by local, I mean 20 miles away).  They know this cat! He has part of his ear chopped off, something they apparently did to him to...

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