An Open Apology to Hillary Clinton

by | May 31, 2017 | About Me, Politics | 13 comments

I owe @HillaryClinton an apology.  I owe her supporters an apology.  I supported @BernieSanders in the primary.  I voted for @HillaryClinton in the election.  But I was really voting against Donald Trump.

I liked Bernie because I believed in his message.  I still do.  He spoke about issues I cared about, long before I had ever heard of him.

I always imagined myself a disenfranchised voter, because I’m not a member of either party.  I strongly believe a duopoly is undemocratic.

Bernie talked about this, but I realize now there’s a lot of things Bernie didn’t talk about it, or didn’t talk about enough.  For instance I may be disenfranchised, but I can still vote.  There’s a lot of people who cannot.  They can’t vote at all.  In any election.

And there are other things he talked about too much.  One of those things is Hillary.  He gave my bias a voice.  He wasn’t honest about her.  He painted her as a villain.  She’s not a villain.  Donald Trump is a villain.  He painted her as corrupt.  Again, Donald Trump, anyone?

I realized today I had a strong bias against Hillary that isn’t grounded in reality.  I realized this because I see her differently now.

She’s incredibly intelligent.  She’s deeply knowledgeable.  And if she only cared about money, she wouldn’t need either of those things.  She would just run as a Republican.  You don’t need to know shit to accumulate wealth as a Republican.  But she’s a Democrat.  By choice.

She made mistakes.  We all do.  But she was never treated fairly.  Her mistakes weren’t explained.  They were used as fodder against her.  I never got to know the real Hillary, because after a lifetime of assaults it was near-impossible for her to come across so authentic.

I now see how badly she has been mistreated.  By Bernie.  By the press.  By me.  I’m ashamed of that.  And I’m deeply sorry about it too.

@HillaryClinton, I apologize I did not get to know you.  You’re the public servant we need, but never deserved.  You’d make a great POTUS.

Please see here for a follow-up to this post.




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