Author: rswfire

Just One Person Can Make a Difference

“I’m just one person.  What difference can I make?”  How many of us have said these words to ourselves?  And have we spoken them out loud? We don’t talk about this.  Not really.  These are words thought but rarely spoken.  We don’t talk about this because we take it for granted.  Somewhere along the way, someone convinced you that you’re powerless.  Who was that person?  Here’s a protip: question your preconceptions. As we grow up, our minds are sculpted by the people and events that touch our lives.  These things shape what will become our worldview. Most of the...

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Trouble Sleeping? Blame Your Devices

If you’re having a difficult time getting enough sleep, this thread is for you.  Hopefully, we’ll solve this problem so you can rest. While there are many causes for sleeplessness, one of the most common is the result of our modern lifestyles and it’s very easily fixed.  It’s caused by our devices: cellphones, tablets, computer monitors.  All of these devices emit blue wavelength light.  That’s key. There’s nothing harmful about this.  It’s actually helpful to us, because a wide range of wavelengths stimulate our circadian systems.  Without getting too technical, our eyes can interpret the frequency of the light...

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