About a Cat Named Luca

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This is a short story about a cat named Luca.  I named him after , but that’s not so relevant, I guess.  Still, Luca is an awesome name!

So this cat appeared at our door just before winter.  And he wouldn’t leave.  We fed him.  I made him a home in the barn.  Stuff like that.  But we knew he couldn’t survive in the winter, so we took him to the local shelter (by local, I mean 20 miles away).  They know this cat!

He has part of his ear chopped off, something they apparently did to him to mark him as a cat they’ve given shots to or something.  Anyway, they claimed this cat had an owner and that he’d be returned to them.  We thought great!  Some little kid must really miss him!

A few days later, the cat returns.  From where, I know not.  We asked the shelter if we could call the owners.  No.  We asked if they would pass our number along to them instead.  Again, no.  We weren’t ready to take this cat in.  We have two already, and one is so frightening, that even us adults sometimes give him distance.

After a few weeks, we brought him into the house.  He spent weeks just relaxing on my bed.  No attempt to leave the room or go outside.  This cat must have been so tired out.  Then spring came and he was out the door.

Months and months later, he’s still here.  He never leaves the yard.  He’s like a guard dog.

Luca’s now part of our family.  End of short story.


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