About a Cat Named Petrie

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This is may cat, Petrie.  And that’s catnip, and a watermelon plant (yup, yup).  He wants me to share something with you.

He was discovered as a baby on a farm after his mother was ran over by a tractor.  His mother tried to hide him in a hole in the ground.  We adopted him and he’s been a wonderful companion.  All day long, he goes from one adult to the next, absorbing as much love as he can!

But then one day he started getting sick.  He would spend entire days feeling miserable and of course it made us feel bad too.  We couldn’t figure out what was wrong with him.  We thought maybe he was allergic to something or was having trouble coughing up furballs.

So we eliminated pretty much everything in an effort to figure out what might be the cause.  Nothing seemed to help though.  Then, one day he threw up blood.  A lot of blood.  We panicked and went straight to the vet.

We learned he had IBS.  He was given steroids.  They helped for a while, but it wasn’t enough.  Finally, in desperation, I reached out the good folks of Twitter, who had plenty of advice to offer it turned out!

He’s better now.  Taking probiotics, eating grain/gluten-free foods.  Treats that look like fish food, a new watering hole.  He loves it!  Thank you, Twitter.  And thank you especially to and .

You’ve improved his quality of life greatly!


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