Fascism in America: Part 1: Today

Fascism did not begin with the election of Donald Trump. He was just the latest salvo ushering us ever closer. It has been brewing for decades, but I believe the election of President Barack Obama certainly served as a rallying cry.

McConnell shared his goal: “to put someone in the White House” who would “shrink the size and scope of government.” At that time, Donald Trump began his ascent into politics, by unabashedly peddling conspiracy theories. And so, McConnell found his man in Donald Trump, the illiterate, imminently manipulable, would-be authoritarian.

Alongside them was the wife of a sitting Supreme Court Justice, helping to fund and fuel the Tea Party of today. Over the next many years, that movement would effectively infiltrate and become the modern Republican Party. “Conservatives” are no longer conservative. They are now the Christian fundamentalists, hellbent on Armageddon.

And that is what we face now: the most hostile political party in our history, courting fascism and theocracy. The cabinet assembled by this administration are working hard to dismantle the very departments they lead. This government has left hundreds of senior-level positions unfilled, especially in matters of needed diplomacy.

They’ve taken an anti-science agenda commonly found in theocracies and dictatorships all around the world. While Betsy DeVos guts our struggling public education system, in furtherance of “building God’s Kingdom.” And Mike Pence, a Catholic Democrat turned Evangelical Republican, waits in the wings for his moment to shine.

Donald openly attacks our Bill of Rights. His supporters seem only too eager to see them stripped away from us. And the NRA plays right along, accusing us of that which they are most guilty: weaponizing our human rights. We face the most heavily armed, militarized civil service police force in existence, anywhere on the globe. The FBI has warned us for a decade those organizations are being routinely infiltrated by white supremacists.

We are witnessing a huge resurgence of private prisons across the country, in search of profit over justice. While simultaneously, our Justice Department minimizes any efforts to protect our civil rights.

Donald continues the Republican Party’s tradition of packing our federal courts with “conservative” judges. We may even find ourselves facing a crisis when these same people impeach the judges they deem too liberal. They’ve already committed the ultimate sin, a Constitutional crisis in itself, stealing the U.S. Supreme Court.

While all of this is happening, Donald and company are forcing states to hand over our sensitive voting data. They do this knowing our voting machines are compromised, and yet they refuse to investigate them. This can mean only one thing: the election results in 2018 and 2020 are most certainly in doubt. None of this is by mistake. They’re gutting our voting rights: gerrymandering, voter suppression, hacking.

Donald continues to rant about leaks, in a desperate attempt to hide his many treasonous crimes. Absent from this post so far is the role Russia play(ed). The connections are so vast and almost unfathomable.

Dozens of states have or are working to pass anti-protest laws. Dissent won’t be tolerated by this government. And should dissent come: know the NRA are practically calling for bloodshed against liberals in our streets.

Republicans continue to do their part on the state level, in preparation for the day they finally slit the throat of our federal government.

We are living in an unprecedented time. Right now. Today. What will tomorrow bring? And are we prepared for it?

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