The Silence of the Republicans Speaks Volumes

by | May 13, 2017 | Politics | 0 comments

I have found it really puzzling how Republicans could be so silent with such an embarrassing and dangerous man in the Oval Office.  It couldn’t be fear of reprisal from their base because Donald is deeply unpopular and the voters would come around to Pence easily enough.

Further, it wouldn’t be a hard case for them to make.  With everything Donald has done, they could have pressured him to resign amicably.  Next, we’ve been told they are just waiting to enact their legislation.  This too doesn’t hold water, for many reasons.

Donald is a liability to their agenda.  He sucks up all the oxygen in the room and across the county.  They don’t have time to legislate.  They must also know their jobs are in great risk supporting him and pursuing a legislative agenda so unpopular to the majority.

And they must know that any agenda they pass now will be reversed in short order when the Democrats stomp them in the midterms.  It makes little sense to pass an agenda that has literally no chance of surviving in a country determined to move forward.

But most telling, assuming their agenda was a serious matter to them, getting rid of Donald would actually make that process easier.  Because then they would have a President Pence, and a White House cabinet that wasn’t constantly stumbling in the dark.

So when you consider these things, their silence doesn’t make sense.  There’s no obvious upside.  There’s no advantage in keeping him.  And this means something else must be going on.  We don’t know what that is, but we can make some reasonable observations.

The first observation is the chaos.  That in and of itself is a means to an end.  It’s smoke screen.  It’s cover.  They’re hiding something.  And it must be pretty damned important for them to put up with someone like Donald Trump.  (They don’t like this man anymore than we do.)

We need to figure out what they have purchased for their silence.


Their silence is guilt, their own culpability.  There is good evidence suggesting the party itself has become entangled with Russia.  The party, as an organization, a business entity, may have accepted money from laundered sources.  And they may have even known this.  This would create huge liability issues for the party’s legal structures.  Corporate dissolution, assets forfeited, hugely disadvantaged.

And its leaders would be subject to criminal charges.  Priebus, who was chair, is probably a central figure and it explains his new post.  We have learned this is one tactic the Russians use regularly: financial entanglement.  And then of course there’s the kompromat.

I believe it is reasonable to assume both parties were hacked, and that information is being used to blackmail many figures in the GOP.  I also believe it’s more likely than not that Donald himself has kompromat on Republican members.  Oppo research, private investigators.

These are serious claims and I obviously have no proof of any of this.  But it’s based on a rational assessment of what we’ve witnessed.  Once it becomes clear that there’s no good reason to keep silent on Donald Trump, we are forced to ask why then do they remain silent.

And the answer must be some combination of complicity and/or collusion that would seriously jeopardize the party itself and its members.

Bottom line: they are silent because they are protecting something.  They are covering up their own guilt.  We are on our own.


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