War May Be Coming to North Korea

by | March 17, 2017 | Politics | 0 comments

I’m very concerned for the people of South Korea right now.  They are the ones who will die, in massive numbers, from radiological bombs.  They wouldn’t survive an assault from North Korea.  We may think North Korea are clowns, but they are not: they’ve maintained their country for fifty years and have powerful weapons at their command.

Those weapons would rain down like fire upon the South Korean nation.  And if that weren’t enough, they have biological weapons too.  It’s perfectly reasonable to assume there are North Korean spies in South Korea with access to such weapons, ready and willing to use them.

The North Korean problem is a serious one, with few clear answers, which is why we’ve been in a stalemate for generations.  And now we are forced to confront this problem with the most incompetent, least compassionate leadership our country has ever had.

They may have no qualms at all about sacrificing the South Korean people in an attempt to display strength or alter unfavorable coverage.  This is serious.  Deadly serious.  We as a people must do everything within our power to resist this Republican administration.

We cannot let the @GOP lead us into an unwinnable war with the human cost of an entire nation.  The South Koreans deserve our support.  Sadly, this means our own country has become the enemy of its very own people.  There’s no time for complacency.  Lives are at stake.


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