War May Still Be Coming to North Korea

by | July 28, 2017 | Politics | 0 comments

I’m not an expert on North Korea.  But I’m a damned good observer of human nature and highly intuitive at connecting dots.  I am very tired.  I’ve been up for almost a day.  I’m going to keep this short.  There’s only a few things I need to share with you.

Today, they launched their eleventh missile this year.  MSNBC had the nerve to say Donald could turn this into a win for himself.  They’re making a very big deal out of the fact they can probably hit the continental United States by next year.

They also generously noted that in addition to China, Russia supports them.  They also said their tech is advancing faster than expected.  Here’s what went unsaid.  Probably Russia is helping them to do that.  Donald wants a war with North Korea.  He has said so.

Maybe he got the idea from Vladimir.  We can also intuit he’s been talking a great deal about it to the military generals.  How do we know?  MSNBC reported the generals were worried Donald was declaring war on North Korea via tweet!  They actually worry he might do such a thing!

I have been trying and trying to warn you guys.  It’s not getting any traction.  I went into great detail in my Authoritarianism in America series about North Korea (as well as how the media would respond — MSNBC was right on the nose).

If you want to live through this, read my thread.  Share it.  Convince people to read it.  Do whatever the fuck you have to do.  These are the threats we face.  And I will not stop trying to warn you.  I need to sleep now.  Resist.  Peace.


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